Talking Brook Public Land

Talking Brook Public Land featured image

Southern Maine has seen a sharp rise in population, putting the woods and waters in this beloved slice of New England at risk. At Trust for Public Land, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the outdoors, especially in rapidly growing areas like Southern Maine. To connect communities with the numerous benefits of nature, we’re working to create a new 193-acre public land space in New Gloucester, Maine—a new state park to meet the growing demands of the region.

This new unit of the State Parks & Public Lands system will combine 153-acres of privately owned land and 37-acres of the Big Falls Preserve into a hiker’s paradise known as Talking Brook. Dense hemlock and pine forests, winding brooks, and babbling waterfalls set a picturesque backdrop, and while this area already contains a well-loved trail system, its private ownership status makes future public access uncertain. Trust for Public Land is teaming up with the Royal River Conservation Trust and the Maine Bureau of Parks and Land to combine these two parcels into one, ensuring public access for future generations. Upgrading access through trail improvements and maintenance, signage, and parking will help meet the growing outdoor recreation needs in the region, while maintaining a close-to-home wilderness feel.

Maine is known for its beautiful forested escapes, but residents south of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine’s second largest city, lack close-to-home access to public lands. The creation of Talking Brook Public Land ensures that outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds will be able to enjoy the splendor of nature and connect to its wonderful benefits.