Stringer's Ridge

Photo of Stringer's Ridge OverlookPhoto credit: Mandy Rhoden

The four wooded hilltops of Stringer's Ridge rise above the city, their oaks and hickories threaded with walking paths and bike trails. Where soldiers clad in blue bombarded the city in the Battle of Chickamauga, neighbors take a stroll, walk their dogs, and get in quick bike rides.

In 2007, developers announced plans to construct 500 condominiums on 92-acres along Stringer's Ridge, overlooking downtown Chattanooga. As word spread that the city's green backdrop would soon disappear under six-story structures, the community rallied and turned to The Trust for Public Land to help save the historic landscape.

While the development proposal was withdrawn in the face of local opposition, the land remained unprotected. In the fall of 2008, we launched a campaign that would eventually protect all 92 acres of the ridge. In fall 2013, the park opened to the public.

In 2015, we worked with the local mountain bike club to plan and build a bike skills park for children and adults to practice and play.

In 2018, we conserved land that will become a one-mile connector trail between Stringer's Ridge and White Oak Park, in the city of Red Bank. When complete in 2020, the trail will allow more residents to access the nature park and travel between Red Bank and Chattanooga’s North Shore.

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