Springfield Bog

Springfield Bog, OhioPhoto credit: Neal Hess

Filled with fragile plants, kettle bogs and their surrounding wetlands are an increasingly rare, but important habitat for songbirds, waterfowl, and other wildlife. Ohio's Springfield Bog is characterized by this distinctive habitat, so in 2009 when the 256-acre property was targeted for development as a large subdivision, conservationists got busy. TPL worked with Springfield Township and MetroParks Serving Summit County to protect the land as a new park. MetroParks planted more than 40 varieties of prairie grasses and shrubby plants native to Ohio. Today a trail circles the bog, allowing visitors to get up close to its scenic features. Because restoring prairie and wetlands attracts many grassland nesting species, including Henslow's sparrow—a songbird at grave risk in Ohio because of disappearing habitat—the future of Springfield Bog looks bright.

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