Sakatah Wildlife Management Area Addition

Sakatah Wildlife Management Area Addition featured image

A short day trip south of the Twin Cities, the Sakatah Wildlife Management Area (WMA) offers great outdoor recreational opportunities along the Cannon River just outside the City of Morristown. Loosely translated from “singing hills” from the Wahpekute tribe, an additional 164 acres has been added to Sakatah WMA thanks to three passionate sisters, their families, and the Trust for Public Land.

The three sisters who inherited this land, a family farm for many generations, saw an opportunity to write a new chapter in the land’s story. Instead of continuing crop production or selling for the development of housing, the sisters envisioned the property as public land for all and for the land to be restored back to its native prairie and wetland habitat. Directly south of the Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail, this addition to Sakatah WMA will also protect wildlife and improve water quality of the nearby Cannon River. Less than 5% of the Cannon River Watershed is open for public use – highlighting a fundamental need of outdoor access for the nearby community. From hunting and fishing to observing native wildlife, Sakatah WMA will continue to be a treasured destination with this new addition.

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