Rogers Lake

Photo of a kid at Roger's LakePhoto credit: Chris Hinkle

The gateway to Rogers Lake is now protected through the purchase of a key 80-acre property by The Trust for Public Land and Coconino County Parks. This will ensure quality access to an extraordinary wetland area surrounded by ponderosa pine and gambel oak forest. Recreational amenities include a 6 mile non-motorized trail system (hiking, mountain biking and equestrian), two trailheads, and a watchable wildlife viewing platform, to enjoy bald eagles, migratory waterfowl, mule deer, pronghorn, elk, and more.

The acquired property serves as a gateway across which the public road passes as it enters the County Natural Area, and its protection is vital to the visitor’s experience at Rogers Lake. The property will provide additional opportunities for hiking, parking and an outdoor environmental education classroom. Protection of the property to prevent residential development also benefits the missions of two nearby military installations, the Navy’s Naval Observatory in Flagstaff and the Army National Guard’s Camp Navajo.