Roaring Branch

Roaring Branch featured image

Roaring Branch is 2,031 acres of dense hemlock and white oak forest, trout streams, and rugged ridgelines. Located in Pownal and Stamford, Vermont, this natural sanctuary is a short-day trip for residents of major cities like New York City, Boston, Montreal, and Albany. The area offers year-round recreational opportunities, but is especially popular during the fall when trees are ablaze with vibrant reds and oranges, offering a picturesque backdrop for the hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, and campers enjoying the secluded hallows. When temperatures drop and fresh snow hits the ground, snowmobilers and skiers glide through the property on 1.2 miles of the Stamford Pond Trail, an important trail corridor that is part of a statewide network.

Roaring Branch is adjacent to the iconic Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Vermont’s Long Trail, and while many assume that land surrounding these trails has already been permanently protected from development, much of it is still threatened by subdivision and fragmentation. The Trust for Public Land is working to preserve Roaring Branch and add it to the Green Mountain National Forest – creating a buffer for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail and Vermont’s Long Trail, and protecting the surrounding habitat and breathtaking views. With your help, we can preserve Roaring Branch to continue recreational public access, safeguard endangered wildlife habitat, and boost climate resiliency for the communities that cherish this special spot.