Plaquemines Parish, Belle Chase

Plaquemines Parish, Belle Chase featured image

Residents of Plaquemines Parish gained a park, while the US Navy secured its Belle Chasse airbase operations in 2009, when TPL partnered with the community and the military to purchase 201 acres that had been planned for a subdivision.

The property is located just north of the 50-year-old Naval Air Station-Joint Reserve Base, near the end of an active runway. Building homes beneath this key flight path, where jet engine noise is the loudest and the potential for a crash is the highest, would have hampered base operations and potentially led to closure. Parish residents were also concerned that the additional 600 new homes would overburden their pumping system.

For two years, TPL worked with the Navy and parish on the current arrangement, and today the Navy holds an easement on land owned by the parish.

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