Pearl & Sons Farm

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Spring in New Hampshire brings warm sunshine during the day and chilly temperatures at night; the perfect recipe for maple sugaring. During this time of year, maple producers make syrup and other delectables—a tradition that is woven into the cultural identity of small towns throughout the state. One such producer is Pearl & Sons Farm, a 275-acre parcel that sits in the most rural and scenic part of Loudon, New Hampshire.

Pearl & Sons Farm has been operated by four generations of farmers, but it represents more than just a homestead. It provides critical open space and wildlife habitat within the town of Loudon, whose proximity to Concord and the capital region have contributed to significant population growth and suburbanization over the past 40 years, leading to the conversion of forests and farms to residential development. Additionally, Pearl & Sons Farm is an essential part of the community’s food source and economy. The production of hay, squash, pumpkins, and sweet corn provides residents with a local source of produce. Above all, Pearl & Sons Farm, with its deep heritage and rural significance, embodies the town of Loudon’s sense of character and identity.

With help from our partners, Trust for Public Land helped secure the future of Pearl & Sons Farm by establishing a conservation easement in 2022. As a result, residents will continue to have access to local produce, families can enjoy the benefits of this neighborhood green space, wildlife will have a haven from development, and the town of Loudon can maintain its agricultural identity.

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