Orderville Gulch

Orderville Gulch featured image

A nearly 1,800-acre property, located just three miles east of Zion National Park provides public access to Orderville Gulch and Birch Hollow, a technical canyoneering route, both of which lead into the Zion Narrows trail. The intricate sandstone slot canyons of Orderville and Birch Hollow attract over 20,000 climbing and canyoneering enthusiasts each year. Visitors contribute $3.07 million annually to the local economy.

Running through the property is Orderville Creek, a tributary to the North Fork of the Virgin River which supports the Colorado River, the lifeblood for Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Water from the Virgin River provides the main water supply for 150,000 residents in Washington County, Utah. As the second driest state in the country, Utah places a high priority on protecting its watersheds, which are essential to sustaining wildlife, drinking and agricultural water, and recreational opportunities.

Public access to the trails will be maintained in perpetuity by the State of Utah while the remainder of the property will stay in private ownership with restrictions to limit further development. The protection of this property was made possible thanks to the State of Utah, the US Forest Service Forest Legacy Program, the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, and a generous gift from a private philanthropist.

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