Ohio Community Schoolyards® Projects

What We’re Doing
Transforming schoolyards into community hubs and quality greenspaces where everyone is welcome, even after school hours.

Our Goal
Provide close-to-home community spaces where residents can play, connect, and experience the benefits of the outdoors.

Ohio Community Schoolyards by the Numbers
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Pilot schoolyard in Ohio
Years of transforming schoolyards across the country
Goodbye Gray, Hello Green
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Our first Community Schoolyard in Ohio
From Asphalt to Awesome

Caledonia Elementary Schoolyard in East Cleveland will be transformed into a green oasis for the whole community to enjoy. As our first Community Schoolyards® project in Ohio, the unveiled designs were created using direct input from students, teachers, and local residents. Once complete, this new green space will include a new basketball court, musical playground instruments, jungle gym, walking trails and an outdoor classroom, and provide room for everyone to play, gather, and learn.

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Health Benefits
What is a Community Schoolyards® project?

Community Schoolyards® projects transform asphalt schoolyards into vibrant, green spaces that improve the daily lives of students, educators, and the surrounding community. These spaces are designed with community at their cores, helping address health needs, park equity, and the effects of climate change like heat and flooding. These green spaces are:

Park-like Places
Packed with trees, fun play structures, gathering spaces, athletic facilities, public art, and climate-smart features, these schoolyards act as community hubs everyone can enjoy.

Designed by the Community
These schoolyards are designed by working hand-in-hand with residents, students, teachers, and administrators through a dynamic participatory design process.

Designed with Intention
Community schoolyards promote healthy lifestyle, reduce educational disparities, and improve educational outcomes, while making vulnerable communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Welcoming to Everyone
These green spaces stay open after school hours and are built to reflect the culture of the local community they serve, ensuring these spaces welcoming and well-loved by all.

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