Murray Farm

Murray Farm featured image

The Murray Farm is one of the last working farms in Bridgewater. The family ran a dairy farm here in the early 1900s—J.H. Murray was known as the “Midnight Milkman” for his late-night milk deliveries. Today the land is owned by descendants of the original Murrays and farmed by longtime family friends Bob and Dave Hanson. The brothers produce straw, hay, corn, squash, pumpkins, peppers, salad greens, and other vegetables.

To help safeguard the farm from development and preserve the community’s rural character, The Trust for Public Land worked with the landowners and the town to protect the 60-acre property with conservation easements. The easements ensure the farm can continue to provide the community with locally grown food and hiking trails—including routes along one of the largest wetlands in New England.

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