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Parks, trails and natural areas define the character of the Metro region of Oregon, and bridging gaps in the system is one of the core objectives of the Intertwine Alliance. How fitting, therefore, that one of the first projects completed after then Metro President Bragdon outlined its vision for what was to become The Intertwine, would be a key connector extending The Wildwood Trail in Forest Park into over 300 acres of previously inaccessible natural lands.

Only minutes from the northern entrance to the Wildwood Trail, the Margolis property, is over 50 acres of mixed meadow and woodland that has not been actively farmed for years, becoming instead a haven for wild flowers and wildlife. Its natural resources: undisturbed wetland, native plants and animals are many, but it as a public access point to an isolated area of beautiful land this property is invaluable. Using funding from a public bond measure that dedicated over $225 million to conserving land for water quality and recreation, and with help from the Friends of Forest Park, TPL transferred the Margolis property into the care of Metro in 2007.

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