Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace featured image

Lakeview Terrace is one of the oldest public housing complexes in the country, and the grounds were a reflection of a time when greenspace and recreation areas weren’t a public priority. While it’s home to a multi-generational population of nearly 3,000, there were no safe and welcoming outdoor spaces to gather, play and celebrate with one another. That’s why we teamed up with L.L. Bean, Cleveland Housing Authority and residents of Lakeview Terrace to turns the grounds into a place where people want to be outside. The residents spent a year working with artists, landscape architects, and environmentalists to make a new green space which reflects the unique history and culture of the neighborhood. We’ve revitalized the basketball courts and planted dozens of trees along the 78-acre property. Lakeview’s youth are designing a custom bike rack that will be prominently featured in front of the community center. A trailside mural will celebrate the community’s history and culture. Everyone needs a safe and inviting place to play. This transformation of Lakeview Terrace will inspire people of all ages to get outside to play.