Kolob Terrace

Kolob Terrace featured image

In 2009, The Trust for Public Land protected 10 critical acres of privately owned land in the heart of Zion National Park to the National Park Service. The property straddled the popular scenic route of Kolob Terrace Road, which runs into the park and skirts the base of Tabernacle Dome, a spectacular, steeply rounded peak.

Thanks to a generous donor concerned about inholdings within our National Parks, we were able to protect an additional 30-acres at the base of Tabernacle Dome in early October 2012. There are currently hundreds of inholdings in national parks across the nation, some of which have been developed. An inholding just two miles north of the Tabernacle Dome property was purchased and is now home to a large mansion.

With well over 900 different plants, the area is home to the greatest plant diversity in all of Utah. Innumerable native animals can also be found here walking, crawling, swimming, and flying, including the endangered Southwest willow flycatcher and the desert tortoise. Incorporating these two parcels into Zion helps preserve the park’s integrity and ensures visitors can continue hiking, camping, and enjoying the stunning views for generations to come.

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