Kingfield Community Forest

Kingfield Community ForestPhoto credit: Cynthia Orcutt

As traditional industry changes in rural Maine, communities across the region are working hard to diversify their economies and create places for neighbors to join together. That’s the case in Kingfield, where residents have teamed up with The Trust for Public Land to open a community forest that will advance a new “triple bottom line” as it grows their economy, protects the environment, and connects the community around a special place.

Under the town’s leadership and at the behest of community members, The Trust for Public Land is working to protect 215 acres of forestland in the heart of town, which includes the popular fishing and paddling destination: Shiloh Pond. Our success will expand and diversify local recreational opportunities, protect critical brook trout habitat, and empower the community through local ownership and management of the land. In order to create The Kingfield Community Forest, we must raise $500,000. Make your gift today.