Hank Gathers Recreation Center

Hank Gathers Recreation Center featured image

Hank Gathers Recreation Center at 25th and Diamond is an important community resource known for its many after-school and summer programs, bustling public pool, and competitive basketball games. But with thousands of nearby residents depending on its facilities for outdoor enjoyment, this gathering place was in need of more green space and other improvements.

In 2015, The Trust for Public Land completed the transformation of Hank Gathers Recreation Center into a new and improved public space for fun and relaxation. The rehabilitated recreation center’s outdoor space now features a spray ground, a short walking path, picnic tables with shaded seating, and new play equipment that encourages active play and exercise. Along with the revived William Dick Elementary Schoolyard just a block away, these two new spaces now provide nearly 14,000 residents with an exciting outlet for outdoor fun just a 10-minute walk from their homes.

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