Grafton Notch

Grafton Notch featured image

Descending to the southeast from the 4,180-foot crest of Old Speck Mountain, one of Maine’s highest peaks, the Grafton Notch project permanently protects 3,688 acres of stunning landscape in one of New England’s premier hiking areas, adjacent to one of the most rugged and most popular sections of the federally protected Appalachian Trail.

Protecting forest and recreation lands in the Mahoosuc Mountains of western Maine just north of Bethel, Grafton Notch contains some of the most beautiful hiking opportunities that Maine has to offer, and is bordered on three sides by Maine Public Reserve Lands and Grafton Notch State Park. Along with recreational opportunities, the project also safeguards diverse habitats and permits the practice of sustainable forestry, reflecting Maine’s commitment to protect working forests for future generations of local residents, sportsmen, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Grafton Notch is part of a greater Mahoosuc
Initiative, a collaborative effort driven by the vision of local
citizens, to conserve the recreational, scenic and economic values of
this unique landscape.

The project was the nation’s top-ranked U.S. Forest Service Forest Legacy Program project in federal fiscal year 2007, receiving $2 million for its protection.