Glenville Woods

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In 2001, TPL worked with the town of Greenburg, Westchester County, and the Open Space Institute to protect the 44.7-acre Glenville Woods as a nature preserve, maintained by the town. With an existing network of trails, the property made an ideal site for hiking and nature study. The community worked closely with the seller, Ginsberg Development Corporation, which retained approximately 15 acres for residential development, on an acquisition that was the culmination of an eight-year protection effort that successfully met all partners’ goals. The property contains a variety of habitats and is home to nearly 100 species of birds, 26 reptile species, 43 plant species and 63 different types of trees. The land is also part of a 580-acre strip of unbroken forest, and its protection enhances access to existing trails including the North County Trailway and the Tarrytown Lakes Trail.

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