Fort A.P. Hill

Fort A.P. Hill featured image

At nearly 76,000 acres, Fort A.P. Hill is one of the largest military installations on the East Coast, partially located in Caroline County, the third fastest growing county in Virginia. In 2006, TPL joined a coalition of conservation and historic preservation groups to conserve a total of 4,320 acres adjacent to the fort as part of the Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) program. Urban and suburban development has become a challenge for military installations nationwide. Incompatible land uses-primarily residential developments-close to an installation’s boundary can limit training and other military operations. The coalition used conservation easements, whereby the landowner retains legal title to the land and the ability to maintain its current use, while limiting future land use and development options. Creating the buffer of open space around Fort A.P. Hill preserves valuable wildlife habitat and sensitive natural and cultural resources, including Camden Farm, a National Historic Landmark.

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