Forever Northwoods

Minnesota | Wisconsin | Michigan

What We’re Doing
Protecting thousands of acres throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Our Goal
To protect and guarantee public access to the Northwoods for generations to come.

Forever Northwoods by the Numbers
miles of shoreline to protect and provide access to public waters
acres of land to safeguard
special places to conserve and connect everyone to the outdoors
This Iconic Landscape Needs Your Help
A young man in a canoe on a lake.
Sunset over a lake with pine trees in the background.
TPL’s Northwoods Initiative

By partnering with communities, landowners, and public agencies, TPL’s Northwoods Initiative works to protect water quality, prevent forest fragmentation, manage resources sustainably to maintain local economies, negotiate win-win outcomes for all stakeholders, and keep people connected to recreational opportunities in wilderness and natural areas.

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Associate Vice President, Minnesota State Director


Heather Ring
Director of Philanthropy
Midwest Region