Fishtown Recreation Center

Photo of Fishtown Recreation Center After it was updatedPhoto credit: Trust for Public Land staff

In partnership with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the Fishtown Recreation Advisory Council, the City Council of Philadelphia, Rebuild, and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, The Trust for Public Land has transformed the Fishtown Recreation Center in North Philadelphia. The new space includes exciting play structures, a walking and jogging loop, a basketball court, and a spray ground for the community to enjoy, as well as lush tree cover. New seating areas and better access to the site will be a welcome addition to the space. The new design is a win-win for Fishtown residents: absorbing storm water, creating a place for families to gather, and improving the health of the local community with outdoor recreation.

Located one block from the Adaire School where we completed renovations in 2016, both projects create new vibrant green spaces for this park-poor community in the Fishtown neighborhood. Together, they provide opportunities for play, exercise and learning for nearly 9,000 residents who live within a ten-minute walk.

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