Elmhurst Street Playground

Elmhurst Street Playground featured image

For 30 years, residents of the park-poor Codman Square neighborhood in Boston’s Dorchester section dreamed of transforming a trash-strewn vacant lot into a safe green space for local kids. July 2009 saw the successful culmination of an eleven-year, TPL-led effort to fund-raise for, design, and construct the new Elmhurst Street playground on that lot. Designed by neighborhood residents, the new park features swings and other playground equipment, areas for water play and free play, and benches. Nineteen year-old Sherimon Harris who lives near the park, has been involved in its creation since she was 10 years old. “I’m excited that success is finally here. It’s been a great experience working with my friends and neighbors to accomplish something that will have a lasting benefit to the families who live nearby.”

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