Edwin M. Stanton School

A section of the yard at Edwin M. Stanton School as it appears now.A section of the yard at Edwin M. Stanton School as it appears now.Photo credit: TPL Archives

The Edwin M. Stanton School in South Philadelphia has a lot to be proud of-small class sizes, a lively school spirit, and strong community relationships. The school emphasizes creative expression as part of its formula for success, and believes that providing students access to nature and the outdoors is a vital part of that formula. But there's just one problem: the school doesn't have an engaging space for outdoor play and learning.

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In 2013, the Community Design Collaborative and Stanton School brought students and community members together to discuss a master plan for transforming the school's yard into a new neighborhood gathering space. The Trust for Public Land is now leading the transformation of the current asphalt schoolyard into a stimulating green play space that will combine interactive learning with environmental sustainability. The new playground will encourage outdoor recreation, foster imaginative play, and give the community a much-needed green space to come together.

We are working with the City of Philadelphia, Stanton Community Partners, students and neighbors to create a green Stanton Schoolyard.Construction of the new playground is slated to begin later this year.

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