Deschutes County Greenprint

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Deschutes County is one of the nation’s fastest-growing counties. With no comprehensive countywide plan prioritizing the lands for conservation and recreation, the outstanding quality of life attracting entrepreneurs and new residents to the region was under increasing threat. So, in 2008, The Trust for Public Land, in partnership with Deschutes Land Trust, city administrators and local Parks and Recreation departments throughout the county undertook to create a greenprint of Deschutes County.

Guided by our experienced Greenprinting team, volunteers from every corner of the county came together to add their expertise and local knowledge to public and academic data about the local landscape, recreation priorities, and balanced growth. The team used the information to create interactive maps that highlight and prioritize key protection areas for important scenic views, wildlife habitat and trail connections—as identified by the local people who use them. This extraordinary resource, and the report that accompanies it, will help guide future conservation in all its forms, from the purchase of land and easements, to improved development planning.

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