Connecting South Chattanooga

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In Chattanooga, The Trust for Public Land is linking communities to nature and each other through innovative greenways, paths, and parks. But despite Chattanooga’s renaissance, the city’s historically underserved neighborhoods— which are often low-income and communities of color—remain challenged.

That’s why we’re partnering with the South Chattanooga neighborhoods to hear and learn from residents how they experience and use public spaces and where there are needed improvements The Trust for Public Land is developing trail connections from the South Chattanooga neighborhoods of Alton Park, Clifton Hills, and East Lake to the city’s 23-mile greenway system, partnering with residents to create strong community ownership of these spaces.

We actively engage leadership within our partner neighborhoods through participatory design—a cooperative community-based process to create a park, trail, or greenway that reflects local identity and culture—ensuring residents have a place outdoors they can truly call their own.

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