Cherryhill Park

Cherryhill Park featured image

Nestled along the Columbia River sits the bustling community of East Wenatchee, Washington. Though the town is known as an access point to the nearby mountains and the recreational opportunities they offer, until 2022 it had been over 50 years since East Wenatchee had acquired and constructed a public park of its own.

Recognizing this lack of equitable access to neighborhood greenspace, Trust for Public Land engaged Eastmont Parks and Recreation and the surrounding community. Trust for Public Land identified the location of what is now Cherryhill Park as an opportunity to best address the need. Through extensive public outreach and conversation, East Wenatchee residents asked for a safe space within walking distance that offered a place for neighborhood gatherings and constructive play. With this input in mind, Trust for Public Land got to work designing a park that would best serve East Wenatchee. To combat the elevated levels of lead and arsenic due to pesticides from the historic use of the property as a cherry orchard, Trust for Public Land implemented innovative landscaping and engineering efforts to successfully mitigate the contaminated soil.

Now, over 3,000 people (including more than 750 children) have access to this much-needed neighborhood green space. Cherryhill Park’s rolling, grassy hills serve as wide open space for games. The walkable loop trail connects to the sidewalk system outside the park, providing a safe access point for the neighborhood. The new, clean soil provides environmental benefits to the park and the people who use it. And on a sunny spring afternoon, the sweet aroma of the native wildflower and restorative grasses floats through the air.

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