Bowling Green Mountain

Bowling Green Mountain featured image

Hikers, bikers, and backcountry campers in the mid-Atlantic already consider Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Morris County, New Jersey, one of the region’s best places to enjoy a remote forest in quiet solitude. Now more than ever, we need these spaces to connect with nature and each other. That’s why Trust for Public Land teamed up with Morris County Open Space Trust and Morris County Park Commission to grow the park by nearly 100 acres. Together, we permanently protected Bowling Green Mountain right outside the park’s perimeter, officially adding it to the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation.

As visitors explore the mountain’s steep, rocky terrain, they may catch a glimpse of red-shouldered hawks, federally threatened Indiana bats, and endangered golden-winged warblers that call the mountain home.

By protecting this special place, we’re also securing the health of the nearby Russia Brook and the Rockaway River, one of the county’s most important drinking water supplies. Next up, park crews and volunteers will cut new trails and campsites, connecting the mountain to the park’s existing Snowbowl area so visitors can explore the steep slopes and rock formations that cover the mountain.

Directions to Bowling Green Mountain
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