Wells Fargo Grants $20K to WA’s MudUp Campaign

SAN FRANCISCO, 9/13/2007: On September 13, Wells Fargo & Company, one of the nation’s largest purchasers of renewable energy (according to the EPA), is becoming a deeper shade of green as it launches a campaign this fall to get its customers even more engaged in the environment.

The Alliance for Puget Sound Shorelines, a coalition of the nonprofits People for Puget Sound, The Trust for Public Land and The Nature Conservancy, will receive a check for $20,000 from Wells Fargo prior to the start of the Seattle Mariners game. The greenbacks will go toward their MudUp campaign – an ambitious effort to engage the public in protecting and restoring Puget Sound. Wells Fargo will also encourage customers to get their hands dirty in saving the Sound by visiting the MudUp campaign online (www.MudUp.org).

WHEN:Thursday, September 13, 2007, approx. 6:45 p.m.

WHO:The Alliance for Puget Sound Shorelines’ leaders (Kathy Fletcher, Executive Director – People for Puget Sound; John Rose, Trustee – The Nature Conservancy; Peter Dykstra, State Director – The Trust for Public Land) and the MudUp campaign’s Puget Sound restoration mascot, the Mud Monster, will accept a $20,000 check from Wells Fargo’s Carey McCarthy, Washington Region Marketing Manager.

WHERE: Safeco Field, Seattle