TPL Supports Initative On National Parks And Health

Will Rogers, President of The Trust for Public Land, today appeared at a National Park Service-sponsored meeting to strengthen the connection between parks, public lands, and health, and called the conference a good start to providing more places for Americans to get outdoors.

“We know that providing more parks, particularly in our urban areas, is one of the keys to people getting outdoors and being healthier,” said Rogers. “We are also very pleased that President Obama recognized this reality with his America’s Great Outdoors initiative, and that the National Park Service is already working to make a difference in cities across America.

“In his new budget, President Obama proposed providing grants for urban areas through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) state assistance fund, and we support this effort to provide more places where people who live in cities can get outside. At The Trust for Public Land, we believe no child should be more than a 10-minute walk from a park, garden or safe green place to play and we support the Administration’s efforts to turn this goal into a reality.”

“Congress has difficult choices to make in putting together a budget, but we hope both the House and Senate will invest in our future by providing funds to create more parks and open spaces,” said Rogers.

Rogers attended the first U.S. meeting of Healthy Parks Healthy People, an international initiative to strengthen the connections between parks, public lands, and human health. National Park Service Director John Jarvis hosted the meeting at Fort Baker, in the Golden Gate National Parks. The U.S. initiative was modeled on a similar program which began in Australia.

TPL, founded in 1972, focuses on creating more parks, playgrounds, community gardens and wilderness for people to enjoy. TPL arose from a successful effort to protect the lands which eventually became the Golden Gate National Parks. TPL depends on the support of foundations, individuals, and corporations.