TPL Endorses Obama’s Vision for Parks

The vision laid out by President Obama to provide more parks and open space in cities and states across the nation is just what America needs for the next century, Will Rogers, President of The Trust for Public Land, said Wednesday.

“We agree with the President that Americans need more places to be outside and restore their spirits, whether they live in crowded cities, suburbs, or rural America,” said Rogers.

Rogers spoke after attending an event at the White House, where President Obama released his administration’s America Great Outdoors report, capping a series of meetings across the nation last year where tens of thousands of Americans provided their personal vision of what lands and places should be protected.

One focus of the report is the need to provide more parks and open spaces in cities.

“It is wonderful to see that the President understands the need for more parks in cities,” said Rogers. “It is not surprising, given that he came here after living in the heart of one of America’s greatest cities with a wonderful park system.”

TPL is the nation’s only national land conservation organization working to create parks in cities across the nation.

“Almost 80 percent of Americans now live in cities,” said Rogers. “That is why we at TPL are working to make sure no city residents are more than a 10-minute walk from a park or playground. Meeting that goal is going to take work, but it will provide enormous benefits.”

“Providing more parks has a number of benefits, such as offering places where people can go and exercise to improve their health and fitness,” he said.