TPL Applauds New Federal Study on Climate Change Impacts

WASHINGTON, D.C. 6/16/2009 – The Trust for Public Land, a national land conservation organization, today applauded U.S. Global Change Research Program for release of its groundbreaking report on current and future impacts from climate change. The report confirms that climate change has already begun to inflict serious impacts on human and natural communities, and that human actions can still avert greater problems in the future.

“The new federal report confirms that climate change is speeding out ahead of our worst projections,” said Jad Daley, Director of TPL’s Climate Conservation Program. “This report is a clarion call that we must use every possible measure to reduce greenhouse gases, from increasing energy efficiency to sequestering more carbon in our farms and forests, and that we must begin to conserve and restore our natural systems to withstand climate impacts.”

The new federal report identifies significant climate changes over the last fifty years, tracking a sharp rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the same period. The report portrays major changes which are already underway in America’s natural systems, including the massive outbreak of forest pests decimating forests in the West. The report also raised projected impacts from some long-understood threats, including projections of sea level rise.

“Every corner of America will see major impacts to health, economy, and quality of life from the changes identified in this report,” said Daley. “Congress must use this report as a catalyst to pass comprehensive climate legislation that reduces greenhouse gases and provides dedicated funding to begin safeguarding our communities from climate changes already in motion.”

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