TPL Applauds New Federal Climate Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. 10/27/2009: The Trust for Public Land, a national land conservation organization, today applauded Senators Jeff Bingaman, Max Baucus, Sheldon Whitehouse and Tom Udall for new legislation that reinforces the importance of protecting America’s natural resources from the impact of climate change The Natural Resources Climate Adaptation Act, introduced today, provides a blueprint for conserving and restoring critical landscapes and the fish, wildlife and other natural systems they support.

“The bill introduced by Sens. Bingaman, Baucus, Whitehouse and Udall will help protect areas such as forests, coastlines and wildlife habitats, as well as the people and economies that depend on those resources,” said Jad Daley, Director of TPL’s Climate Conservation Program. “This reaffirms that natural resources adaptation is central to our national climate change strategy.”

Like the House, the Senate is proposing to allocate an escalating percentage of emissions allowances to fund natural resource adaptation. This dedicated funding would allow for urgently needed action, including land acquisitions and habitat restoration, to maintain and enhance the ability of America’s public lands to support fish, wildlife, and other natural systems threatened by climate change. Importantly, the new Bingaman-Baucus-Whitehouse-Udall proposal has provided additional clarity as to how federal resources would be applied most effectively across the nation.

“Every corner of America will see major climate change impacts on water supplies and other critical resources,” said Daley. “The Bingaman-Baucus-Whitehouse-Udall proposal offers essential tools for communities to protect themselves.”

TPL, created in 1972, specializes in conservation real estate to protect land for people to enjoy as parks, community gardens, urban playgrounds, and wilderness. With funding from the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program, Forest Legacy program, Land and Water Conservation Fund, state and local open space funds, and other private and public investments, TPL has helped protect more than 2.5 million acres across the country. TPL depends upon the support of individuals, foundations, and corporations.