Statement from Trust for Public Land on Congress Passing a Bipartisan Stopgap Funding Bill 

Washington, D.C. – In a turn of events over the weekend, Congress, passed a clean, bipartisan stopgap funding bill —which President Biden signed on Saturday night—with just hours to spare before a government shutdown would have begun. The continuing resolution (CR) extended federal funding through November 17, 2023, at which point, lawmakers will once again need to enact either another stopgap measure or a comprehensive appropriations package.  

The legislative reversal was a surprise after the House of Representatives had spent months considering only funding bills containing draconian budget cuts and polarizing policy provisions before abruptly pivoting over the weekend to pass a clean extension.

Katie Murtha, Vice President of Federal Relation at Trust for Public Land, issued the following statement:

“TPL is pleased that Congress finally put aside politics to keep the federal government open. A shutdown would have created a needless crisis felt by millions of people across the country, and it would have shuttered national parks and more.

Given the inability of some Members to agree on reasonable year-long appropriations bills, a clean, bipartisan stopgap funding bill was the responsible solution. Despite last-minute brinksmanship, lawmakers ultimately did the right thing. 

While this move was an undisputed victory for public lands and people alike, we can’t forget that we will soon face the same shutdown precipice once again. We must not give in to the untenable demands of some members of the House, such as the ongoing attempts to slash Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Interior (DOI) budgets by over 30%. 

In just over a month, we ask that Congress again puts the needs of our country first by passing a funding package free from draconian budget cuts and extraneous policy disputes.”