The Mutual, a “Groupon for Good,” launches with TPL as official “Earth” partner

The Trust for Public Land ( announces that it is the official “Earth” cause partner of The Mutual, a new social enterprise launching today. The Trust is proud to be one of five nonprofits partnering with The Mutual in this exciting new concept.
The Mutual rewards individuals for donating to environmental charities by giving them unlimited access to Perks from local businesses.

The Mutual helps individuals and businesses live and operate more sustainably by connecting them to environmental nonprofits in an incentive based model that inspires and rewards positive behavior change. Individuals join for as little as $10 per month, of which 80% is donated to the member’s chosen nonprofit. In return, they get unlimited access to Perks like VIP service, early access to tickets and discounts from partner businesses, in effect creating an economy for good.

The Mutual is rolling out in New York City but offering Perks across the country. Individuals and businesses can join today at

The Mutual has taken the best of reward programs and charitable giving and merged the two in a model that incentivizes both individuals and businesses to participate. “The problem with bringing about significant change is that no one has made it easy. With The Mutual, we make doing good easy and advantageous for individuals and businesses. It’s really just bringing the business and philanthropic worlds a little closer together in a practical way. We call it profitable activism,” said Dan Vallejo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Mutual.

The membership model provides individuals with unlimited access to a range of Perk types in The Mutual network, which quickly offsets the cost to join. On top of the rewards, 80% of the membership cost is tax deductible. The model also provides an enticing alternative to daily deal sites for businesses. There is no cost for businesses to join The Mutual and The Mutual does not take any cut of the deals offered.

Members can either choose a specific cause or spread their donation equally across all five causes, which the Company calls the Smart Model. The Mutual believes the Smart Model allocates members’ donations across the right blend of areas to create the greatest collective impact on the environment. Cause Partners include,

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Trust for Public Land, our official Earth Cause Partner. We spent months doing due diligence on potential partners and have identified the five that we believe are the best at what they do. As the leader in conserving land and creating parks in cities where most Americans live, The Trust for Public Land was an easy choice for us,” said Vallejo, The Mutual’s CEO.

For more information or to sign up visit