Maddy’s Match and the campaign to preserve the 1,000 Acre Forest

A few years ago, 6 year-old Maddy McCuin made an appeal to the owners of The Preserve to let her buy the property. Since infancy, Miss McCuin had hiked the woods with her parents. Living across the street from this coastal forest, she kept track of the animals she saw and reveled in the wonder of the woods.

In 2011, as her mom Suellen Kozey McCuin was leaving their house for a meeting to decide the fate of the forest, Maddy backed up her request to purchase the property with $5.63-her total piggy bank savings at the time. Although it would take several more years, and millions more dollars, her vision of protecting The Preserve is coming to fruition.

“I think it is neat that the same bag of coins I put together to start people talking about a purchase to protect the forest, can now be the thing that helps bring the final dollars together … yes, I think that is pretty neat,” exclaimed Maddy. “And, I can’t wait until it’s all finally done and everything in the forest is protected forever.”

Embracing Maddy’s sense of the possible, the Campaign to Preserve the 1,000 Acre Forest is launching a final appeal to reach their $10 million goal. Titled Maddy’s Match, people are asked to make one more gift in support of permanently protecting this rare coastal forest in an increment of $5.63. As the campaign is approximately $563,000 short of the goal, one gift in this amount could close the campaign. And of course, gifts of $56,300, $5,630, $563, etc. will be gratefully accepted.

The campaign is asking people to consider a Maddy’s Match donation as a holiday present this season. This is a special opportunity to give the gift of peace and tranquility that a walk in The Preserve will provide, once it is protected. To donate, please go to

The Preserve is close to permanent protection. You can make this dream a reality for Maddy and the generations that follow!