A garden blossoms

The residents of the Canal Street neighborhood in San Rafael, California, come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a love for good food grown locally. Ever since the loss of an old community garden, locals have been keen to rebuild their plots—bigger and better.

The Trust for Public Land has partnered with Canal Street neighborhood and the Union Bank Foundation to help get the job done. For Foundation President Carl Ballton, the project’s about helping the whole community blossom—not just the garden.

“Our foundation works to support organizations that are addressing the root causes behind many issues facing our communities today. We strive to to support the health of all communities where we do business, and TPL’s Parks for People Program is a natural partner.”

In the short clip below, project partners share their vision for the new gardens. As you watch, you’ll catch glimpses of the site as it stands today. What would you grow there?

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