Cleveland’s rowing season opens at future Rivergate Park site

The Cleveland Rowing Foundation’s 2011 rowing season opens with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the future site of Rivergate Park, on land that TPL purchased for this purpose in 2010. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and City Councilman Joe Cimperman invite the community to celebrate the opening of the season—and the Foundation’s future home and public park—on May 17, 2011.

Upon completion, Rivergate Park will offer public access to the Cuyahoga River for low-impact recreation joining a growing series of interlinked public spaces connecting Cleveland to its waterways, natural areas, and play spaces.

Situated along the future extension of the Towpath Trail, Rivergate Park will soon connect to Hart Crane Park, the future Skateboard Park, Canal Basin Park, and the Lake Link Trail to Wendy Park on Whiskey Island.

The site for Rivergate Park is a work in progress. The Foundation will collaborate with ParkWorks to add trees and grasses, and bring native plant life to the Cuyahoga’s edge. The addition of scenic green space and rain gardens will reduce storm water runoff, and improve water quality, while enhancing the site’s aesthetics. Energy efficient solutions will upgrade existing buildings, while new structures will incorporate green building practices.