350 Acres of Raging River Basin Protected (WA)

KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, 6/13/02 – Working with the Bonneville Power Administration, with assistance from the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust and Washington Department of Natural Resources, the Trust for Public Land (TPL) helped permanently protect a 350-acre parcel at the head of the Raging River water basin in the Mountains to Sound Greenway. The property had already been segregated into 20-acre view sites, making it especially vulnerable to development.

“This property was a significant inholding in the Raging River basin. Development of this parcel would have contributed detrimental effects to the wildlife communities, endangered fish and wetlands,” commented TPL Project Manager Rinee Merritt.

In addition to its remarkable scenic value, the parcel holds tremendous value for wildlife and a unique and valuable resource to the residents of the metro area. Its riparian wetlands drain directly into endangered fish streams, providing essential habitat for endangered salmon and trout. Spotted owls, deer, elk, black bear, cougars and bobcats make their home here as well. The parcel also borders the Cedar River Watershed-the City of Seattle’s main source of drinking water. Ensuring the parcel will not be developed makes the watershed more secure while also protecting the wildlife habitat and corridors and working forestland.

Protecting the Mountains to Sound Greenway

Following Washington’s Interstate 90 from the shores of the Puget Sound into the Kittitas Valley, the Mountain to Sound Greenway embraces 100 miles of natural wonder, beauty and history and was the first Interstate to be designated a National Scenic Byway. Since 1983, TPL has conserved more than 10,000 acres in the Greenway with a fair market value of nearly $70 million, helping to protect lands that complete the linkage of trails, recreation areas, scenic and productive forestlands, open space and wildlife habitats.

The Trust for Public Land is a private, nonprofit land conservation organization that works across the nation to conserve land for people. Founded in 1972, TPL specializes in conservation real estate, applying its expertise in negotiation, public finance and law to protect land for public use. Working with private landowners, communities and government agencies, TPL’s Northwest Region has helped protect more than 240,000 acres in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Idaho for people to enjoy as parks, playgrounds, community gardens, historic landmarks and wilderness lands.