The Heat is On

The summer of 2020 is predicted to be the hottest ever recorded. Meanwhile, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge nationwide, city officials are closing public beaches and pools and limiting the capacity of cooling centers. This is putting even more pressure on public parks, which were already in high demand as one of the few places where people can escape the confines of home.

Parks and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored that close-to-home parks are crucial to a community’s quality of life. During this crisis, people have turned to their parks like never before—for fresh air, exercise, meditation, solace, and a much-needed break from the stresses of a quickly changing world.

School's Out

As families count down to the first day of school, one thing is for certain: the 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any other in our collective lifetimes. The COVID-19 pandemic has put educators and school administrators between a rock and a hard place: bring kids back to the classroom, where experts say that all will be at high risk of virus transmission, or continue with distance learning, which experts agree compromises educational outcomes and accelerates inequality.


This fall, we’re celebrating all the ways parks unite us: with one another, with our neighborhoods, and with the world. We envision a future where everyone in America feels at home in the outdoors—whether that's a trackless wilderness, a convenient multi-use...


Parks are a community superpower. The outdoors connect people to nature and to one another, to our neighborhoods, and to the world. This fall, we’re celebrating all the ways parks unite us—and we invite YOU to be part of our mission to make sure everyone in America...


A heat wave swallowed much of the Eastern seaboard late last month, breaking temperature records from New Hampshire to Virginia, and further straining public health and healthcare systems that are already stretched thin by the coronavirus.

The heat is on

Even in normal...


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leaders. And as the coronavirus strains communities that are already unduly suffering from structural racism and environmental injustice, women of color are leading the way towards a healthier, more equitable society for all.

This week, we were...


In New York City, playgrounds are open this week for the first time since April 1, with the addition of “social distancing ambassadors” to remind people to maintain six feet distance from other people, hand out masks to people who don't have them, and encourage good hygiene.

While park...


The Equipo Verde had their goals for 2020 all laid out: a calendar of community work days to clean up the neglected back alleyways that run through their South Los Angeles neighborhood, a slate of policies for park investments they’d be pushing with their elected...


With the coronavirus spreading rapidly through cities, officials around the nation started to look for ways to give cooped-up residents more elbow room. Such traditional public venues as restaurants and theaters were suddenly closed, and even outdoor spaces like playgrounds and ball fields were...