To reach Kearsarge Pass in the southern Sierra Nevada, you’ll need to ascend 2,600 feet in 11 miles, over big boulders and through loose scree. Some of the highest peaks in the country loom overhead, and the stunted trees that cling to the mountainsides offer little protection from the high-...


Brandon Brown’s approach to building bikes is as much a life philosophy as it is a principle of mechanics. “When your system is stiff, if one thing goes off—that creates friction, and friction binds,” he says.  “Building some flexibility into the system makes the whole thing run smoother....

Conceptual rendering of Cook Park with a Stadium by HDR, Inc

In 2002, a torrential flood descended on Atlanta's historic Vine City and English Avenue communities. In its aftermath, 160 families lost their homes. While the City worked to relocate those impacted by the flood, the land where they once lived lay vacant. Flooding has continued to plague the communities, which also suffer from polluted runoff and sewer overflows.

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As in many cities around the country, low-income neighborhoods in Boston are burdened with high unemployment rates and limited access to healthy food. Together, these factors contribute to a local food crisis that disproportionately affects the city's most vulnerable people.


Even if you’re not big on resolutions, the New Year is an opportunity to look at our health habits through fresh eyes. If you’ve got fitness on the mind but can’t muster much enthusiasm for the same old treadmill slog, try breaking your workout free of the gym: a city park or playground is the...

Land&People magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Every American deserves a great park within a 10-minute walk of home. It’s a belief we’ve championed for 45 years and the theme of the latest issue of Land&People magazine—a twice-yearly collection of inspiring stories and photography, featuring vibrant parks...

Map of Richmond, CA

With over 32 miles of bay shoreline, historic petrochemical industry, and a growing population, Richmond is one of the most vulnerable cities to climate change in California.


Som Subedi will tell you he had a lot to learn when he moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2008. He didn’t speak much English, didn’t know how to use public transportation or apply for jobs, where to buy food, or access social services. That’s because his family was among the 100,000 people expelled...

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Will Rogers, President of The Trust for Public Land, today issued the following statement after the release of details of President Trump’s proposed FY 2018 budget, for the 12 months beginning Oct. 1:
“President Trump’s detailed budget displays a complete and reckless disregard for our environment and the public lands used for recreation by millions of American families. If enacted by Congress, these cuts and program eliminations would wreak havoc on our outdoor economy and the millions of jobs it supports in our local communities, and will undermine cities and towns working right now to create a clean and healthy future."


We admit it: we’re park nerds here at The Trust for Public Land. So we’re excited to release this year’s ParkScore® index, our annual ranking of the largest U.S. cities based on park access, acreage, and funding. We like the friendly competition and the insights into how...