Community forests


Tim Kovar is afraid of heights.

It wouldn’t be remarkable—most of us get a little nervous off the ground—except that Kovar makes a living teaching people how to climb trees. From the towering redwoods of the California coast to the steamy Amazon Basin, Kovar has introduced more than 10,...

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The town of Milan today bought land to begin creating a community forest that will provide the town with income through sustainable timber harvesting, as well as places for local residents to hike, hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Vermont Town Forests

New England is rich in traditions, and our favorite is the community forest. It's an idea with its roots in the colonial era, when surveyors set aside public commons for grazing livestock, gathering fuel, and supporting schools and churches. Later laws gave local authorities the ability to...

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Today the White House Rural Council (the Council) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) held a symposium on wood as part of the Council's work to enhance economic opportunity in rural America

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The small town of Errol, N.H., created a Community Forest in 2005, and a new study shows that the town-owned and managed forest, called 13 Mile Woods Community Forest, contributes significantly to local economic and community development.

Cold Stream, Maine

For over a hundred and fifty years, the people of The Forks region have based their livelihood on working forests.  Cold Stream Forest is now part of Maine's Public Reserve Lands system.

Map of completed projects in Vermont through 2013.

Our favorite thing about winter? Snow! From snowball fights in frosty fields to sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing, we love to play in fresh powder. Many of the parks and natural spaces we’ve protected--or are working to conserve--are best explored when blanketed in white. So grab your coat and mittens and enjoy one of our favorite winter playgrounds this season. And don’t forget the hot chocolate.

Sprucewood Forest, NH

Sprucewood Forest is a key linkage to existing conservation lands. The wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, and recreational value of this property make the forest a conservation priority for the town of Durham.

Ryan Creek, CA

Ryan Creek is a tributary of the Humboldt Bay, a coastal lagoon on California's rugged North Coast. We are working with Green Diamond Resource Company to preserve 7,550 acres in this area as a community forest outside of Eureka.