Community forests

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A recent land acquisition protects the Kula water aquifer, habitat for endangered species, and community-based forest restoration opportunities. These lands are now protected in perpetuity thanks to federal, state, and non-profit partners. 


On a typical spring day, Drew Honzel might be out exploring the wild mountains and rivers within an easy drive of his home in Klamath Falls, a town of 20,000 in southern Oregon. An avid mountain biker and runner, he might also be out on a trail in town with his two dogs. Or as treasurer of the...

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is a vital gateway connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Great pride went into the construction of the iconic Art Deco bridge nearly 100 years ago. However, the bridge fundamentally changed the urban landscape of Camden. It’s span divided the City, fencing off North Camden from Downtown. During heavy rain and snow events, run-off from the bridge floods the surrounding and homes. We’re working with City and County leaders to change all of that. Once complete, vast gardens will capture bridge runoff, create a common green space below the bridge, and provide a safe multimodal trail to compliment the local Circuit Trail.


There are a few reasons Bill Freedman likes fishing the Androscoggin River this time of year. “The bugs are down, the air is crisp, and the fall leaves are coming on,” he says. “And when I’m out in the stream, all I can see is trees—no sign of development.”

The first three he can’t...


Ever watch the Olympics on TV? You notice how nervous tension builds before a race: In the moments just before the starting gun, the camera pans across the resolute faces of the athletes arranged on the line, taking big deep breaths to steady themselves. “On your mark …” and stillness descends...


Tucked into the rugged mountains of western Maine, the tiny village of Bethel is a quintessential mountain town. 

“Getting outside is part of everyday life for people here,” says Gabe Perkins, a lifelong Bethel resident and director of a local trails organization called...


We have plenty of statistics about the work we did together in 2018. We can tell you how many acres you helped us protect (68,996), or how much public funding we generated for parks and conservation at the polls ($4.8 billion), or how many new and improved parks we opened in cities across the...


Kou trees once grew abundantly in the sunny lowlands across the Hawaiian Islands. Its broad leaves cast cooling shade over coastal villages, and its seeds were a source of food. But it was the kou's heartwood—light but strong, easy to carve, resistant to rot, with a fine caramel and reddish...

Photo a woman running in the woods

Between October 2017 and March 2018, The Trust for Public Land, Blackfoot Challenge, and Civic Canopy worked with the community of Lincoln, Montana, to bring community leaders and residents together to set a solid foundation for collaboration. The Partnership guided a process called Envision Lincoln that was designed to build on Lincoln’s existing efforts and accomplishments and invite all residents to participate and share their perspectives. Envision Lincoln developed an overarching vision to guide a collaborative effort that will help attract families to Lincoln and retain them, spur economic opportunities, and keep what makes Lincoln a special place to live.


Rick Alger moved to the small New Hampshire town of Milan in 1964. He came for a job, but on weekends and summers he plied the trade that has sustained communities in the northern part of the state for generations: harvesting timber. Alger worked a few seasons alongside heavy machinery, but he...