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Property Will Expand Recreational Opportunities, Prevent Land Use Conflicts with Naval Air Station Whiting Field, and Further Longleaf Pine Restoration

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Between October 2017 and March 2018, The Trust for Public Land, Blackfoot Challenge, and Civic Canopy worked with the community of Lincoln, Montana, to bring community leaders and residents together to set a solid foundation for collaboration. The Partnership guided a process called Envision Lincoln that was designed to build on Lincoln’s existing efforts and accomplishments and invite all residents to participate and share their perspectives. Envision Lincoln developed an overarching vision to guide a collaborative effort that will help attract families to Lincoln and retain them, spur economic opportunities, and keep what makes Lincoln a special place to live.


Rick Alger moved to the small New Hampshire town of Milan in 1964. He came for a job, but on weekends and summers he plied the trade that has sustained communities in the northern part of the state for generations: harvesting timber. Alger worked a few seasons alongside heavy machinery, but he...

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Crow Wing State Forest South Addition, in the Brainerd Lakes region, is a popular recreation area that also provides critical habitat for wildlife. Particularly important, for both recreation and wildlife, is land along the Mississippi River, which threads the state forest.

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The Trust for Public Land today announced that Shelby Semmes has rejoined the national parks and conservation nonprofit as Vermont/New Hampshire State Program Director, overseeing programmatic and philanthropic activity in New Hampshire and Vermont. The organization's active program in the two states includes long-standing partnerships to establish community-owned forests, conserve land for trails and recreation, and set aside environmentally sensitive natural lands, including in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont and within the Appalachian Trail landscape.

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The Trust for Public Land today announced it has donated the land and building formerly owned by the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Montana to the City of Bozeman. An addition to Story Mill Community Park, the building will become a new community center and headquarters for Bozeman's Recreation Division.

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Voters across America last night passed local and state ballot measures that will provide more than $1.5 billion for parks and conservation. Of 30 local park and open space measures on the ballot, 26 passed. Earlier in 2017, 11 local measures had been voted on, and 10 passed.

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To the joy of local outdoor enthusiasts, The Trust for Public Land today announced that 198 acres have been added to the existing 567-acre Page Pond Community Forest in Meredith. The expansive property is not only a popular retreat for outdoor recreation, but also protects wetlands, streams, and surface water flowing into Lake Winnipesaukee. Hikers, walkers, and joggers have enjoyed the existing trails since the original 567 acres were protected by The Trust for Public Land in 2010, and this 198-acre expansion will provide easier access for residents of Meredith Village and a new outdoor classroom for the Interlakes Regional School.

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The Trust for Public Land today announced an agreement to purchase a 978-acre forested parcel 2 miles from the center of Bethel to create a Community Forest. The project is a partnership with the Northern Forest Center and Mahoosuc Pathways, of Bethel, which will own the forestland on behalf of the community.

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At the behest of the local community, The Trust for Public Land is working to protect 980 acres of forestland and create the new Bethel Community Forest. Our success will expand and diversify local recreational opportunities, unlock access to an additional 2,500 acres of public land, and empower a community through local ownership and management of the land.