We are hunters, anglers, hikers, and campers—all connected by the outdoors. The mountains, streams, and trails where we experience nature are an extension of home and family. That’s why preserving Montana’s wilderness is a cause that unites us—today and for generations to follow.

Big Sky Country is under threat of development. In fact, never before has so much land changed hands so quickly, or the risks to wild places been so great.

Trust for Public Land works to protect hunting and fishing access that Montanans rely on for sports and leisure, to retain good-paying jobs in forestry and tourism, and to safeguard important wildlife corridors. We help defend Montana’s lands for everyone’s benefit, now and in the future, by preserving working forests and the economic resilience they bring to local communities.

If we don’t act now, public access to Montana’s treasured landscapes could be lost. Stand by your land. Help us protect 1 million acres of Montana’s great outdoors today.

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Meet people like you who count on Montana’s vast wilderness to recreate, play, sustain themselves, and connect with nature.
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We need to act now—swiftly and boldly—to ensure public access remains. Trust for Public Land has successfully protected millions of acres across the country for half a century.

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