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We are connected by our love of the outdoors. Mountains, streams, and trails are where we recreate and connect with nature and each other. As outdoor enthusiasts, preserving Montana's wilderness is a cause that unites us all—today and for generations to follow.  
But these cherished lands are under threat of development. And it is our responsibility to act now—swiftly and boldly—to ensure public access remains. 
Trust for Public Land has successfully protected millions of acres of outdoor spaces across the country for half a century, and we're working to reach 800,000 acres of protected land in Montana. We invite you to join us, because access to beautiful open spaces is essential to this great state. 
Stand by your land. Help us protect Montana's wilderness today.


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Meet people like you who count on Montana’s vast wilderness to recreate, play, sustain themselves, and connect with nature. 

Forever Montana: Jim Williams

Jim Williams believes if you are going to eat meat, nothing shows more respect than hunting. For him, outdoor access brings wild protein from the mountain to his table.


Forever Montana: Lisa Brown

Self-reliant and nature-loving are the Montana archetype, and Lisa Brown embodies both. From gathering firewood and canning salmon to harvesting mushrooms and berries, she enjoys her state’s bounty to the fullest.


Forever Montana: Paulette Epple

Protecting Montana’s wilderness is important for creatures of all kinds; it also means a lot to the humans who love them. For Paulette Epple, Montana is all about the birds.


Forever Montana: Mitch Doherty

Mitch Doherty can see for miles—and he wants to keep it that way.  A mountain biker and “multiuse” outdoorsman, he’s protecting Montana for himself and his kids.