About the Evergreen Circle
Evergreen Circle Members

Publicly recognized as of July 1, 2023

Who are the Evergreen Circle supporters?

Evergreen Circle donors include individuals, foundations, and corporations who have donated $5 million or more to TPL.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Evergreen Circle?

Evergreen Circle supporters are invited to participate in special events, provided with opportunities to interact with TPL leadership, and receive special communications and updates. Evergreen Circle supporters are honored for their generosity on a designated Evergreen Circle web page on TPL.org.

What gifts count toward Evergreen Circle induction?

Evergreen Circle eligibility is determined by gifts received (pledges, bequest commitments, land or in-kind donations do not qualify). Gifts in support of TPL Action Fund/The Conservation Campaign (TCC), TPL’s former associated 401(c)4, also count. Gifts directed through family foundations or other private foundations that are attributed to an individual may be included in calculating individual lifetime giving totals for Evergreen Circle recognition.

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