Park Bench Chat

Park Bench Chat: Greenspace Policy to Advance Health Equity Presented by CityHealth and TPL

Access to greenspaces should be a right for all, but disparities persist. Discover how greenspace policies can reverse historical inequities and bridge the park access gap. It’s time for local policy action!

Greenspaces — from parks to trails to public commons — are essential for individual and community health. While the health benefits of greenspace are significant and increasingly understood, there are disparities in who can access the benefits of nature.

Greenspace policies can be used to reverse the historical legacy of racism and underfunding that has led to this park equity gap. There is an important — and urgent — opportunity for local policy action to chart a new, greener, and healthier future.

We heard from TPL and CityHealth about evidence-backed policy solutions that tap into greenspace for its ability to improve health outcomes and advance health equity. We also heard from local park champions who have prioritized park policy as a strategy to close gaps in park access and improve health equity.