Heroism starts at home, and we all have the power to create change where we live.

Through deep local engagement and action, these heroes are bringing the joys and benefits of the outdoors to more people in their communities.

Meet Our Heroes
From helping revitalize alleyways in Los Angeles to using parks to increase civic engagement, from encouraging residents to raise their voices and create change to listening to neighbors’ needs and wants, the efforts of our community impact heroes take many forms.
These are their stories.
Two dark-haired young women in traditioanl Guatemalan clothing smile and in front of a white brick wall.
Faviana Gaspar & Claribel Hernandez

Partner Organization: Park Listeners
Community: Chattanoooga, Tennessee
Local Park: East Lake Park
Superpower: Empowering neighbors to express what they want to see in local green spaces—in their own languages, be that English, Spanish, or the sisters’ Indigenous Guatemalan dialect, Q’anjob’al.
In Their Words: “[Residents] want to see parks that are closer to their communities, closer to their homes,” says Claribel. Faviana adds, “A lot of residents said they would like parks to look more like those in their home countries. When they say ‘parks,’ it’s not what we picture here. They are used to gathering in public squares and plazas with fountains and flowers. People also wish there was more lighting since many get off work at seven or eight o’clock. The only time they have to enjoy a park is at night.”

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We all have the power to make our communities better.