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Conservationist, environmental lawyer, transportation expert, scholar, athlete, outdoorswoman … Gail Achterman was many things, but her family and friends tend to describe her the same way: a force of nature.

Thanks in part to movies Wild and A Walk in the Woods, the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail are more popular than ever.

It all started with The Call of the Wild.

In October, jazz composer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith released his latest album “America’s National Parks.” It’s definitely our kind of music, so we were thrilled when Smith took time out of his rather allegro tour schedule to tell us how nature has influenced his life and art.

February is Black History Month—and it’s never long enough. That’s one of the reasons we love visiting national monuments that tell the American story: they’re year-round reminders of the lessons of the past, and a connection to our shared heritage.