A sturdy pair of shoes and desire to play. What more does a future athlete need to get started?

How about a safe place to play—something Nike and TPL have teamed up to create for kids and athletes across the country who face stark inequities in access to high-quality public outdoor spaces. And climate change is only exacerbating those inequities.

Through its Community Climate Resilience Program, Nike aims to build climate resilience and increase sports participation in communities that need it most, because they are facing disproportionate climate threats. The global brand that once insisted that greatness isn’t born, it’s made, has awarded TPL a $2 million dollar grant to fund park and Community Schoolyards® projects in four low-income, underserved neighborhoods across New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. See how this partnership is leveling the playing field by creating greener, healthier, and more resilient communities along the way.


Create Climate-Smart Schoolyards

Rising temperatures, bigger storms, and asphalt schoolyards pose significant risks during recess. Urge Congress to prioritize schoolyards that cool neighborhoods, manage stormwater, and provide opportunities for kids to connect with nature today!

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We’re grateful to corporate partners like Nike who share our commitment to make parks more equitable and communities more healthy, active, and resilient. Help Nike and TPL advocate for long-term funding for parks and schoolyards as green infrastructure. Urge your senators to co-sponsor the Living Schoolyards Act to fund more spaces like these by signing our petition today.

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