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Take a trip back in time on The 606

Historical photo of workers building an elevated rail-line in ChicagoPhoto credit: Universal Bulletin

Can you believe it’s only been a year since the opening of The 606? Already, this one-of-a-kind park and trail has made a name for itself in Chicago—connecting neighborhoods, snagging awards, and transforming the commute for pedestrians and cyclists who can now travel for nearly three miles above traffic. 

But though The 606 is still young, there’s a rich history behind the rail-line it used to be—and few people know it better than historian Jim Peters.

For all his knowledge about the trail's industrial past, Peters is just as excited about its modern-day transformation.

“The 606 is a wonderful slice through the city,” Peters says. “You’re up above the city, seeing a part of Chicago tourists don’t normally see from a vantage point they don’t normally have. When you walk along the trail you really get a sense of what real Chicago is.”

People take in the view at the grand opening of The 606 in 2015.People take in the view at the grand opening of The 606 in 2015.Photo credit: Adam Alexander Photography

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Gloria Picchetti
We have been on the 606 a few times. We still have a few blocks in the middle of it we haven't seen yet. Together our ages are 140 years so you have to be patient with us! We really, really had lots of fun and plan to return over the years however many there might be.
Sheila Zagone
I just walked the 606 with my daughter yesterday. She lives in Wicker park. We had a great time doing almost the whole walk, and back. My only concern is it would be great if there were a few more drinking fountains in the trail. Even one more than there is now. Thanks.
Our family went to the trail walking from the east end to the wet end. We like it. I shot photos and videos and made this 9 minute YouTube video. It has 68 video clips and 107 photos. Hope you will enjoy it.

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