A little town takes matters—and a mountain—into its own hands

By Trust for Public Land
Published September 22, 2020

A little town takes matters—and a mountain—into its own hands

Mount Ascutney rises 3,000 feet above the town of West Windsor, Vermont. For generations, the ski resort at its base was the community’s center of gravity—until warming winters and a vanishing snowpack drove the resort out of business in 2010. Without a steady stream of visitors, property values dipped, local businesses faltered, and longtime West Windsor residents feared their town’s identity as a hub for outdoor recreation could fade away.

So a group of locals united behind a wild idea to save their mountain: they’d buy it.

Watch the film to find out how The Trust for Public Land helped the people of West Windsor bring their ambitious plan to life, or read the full story in Land&People, our magazine for members of The Trust for Public Land. 

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