Troy Keolanui

Troy Keolanui is a co-founder of OK Farms, located on Hawaiʻi Island. In 2002, Keolanui formed a partnership with Emeritus TPL Hawaiʻi Board Member, Edmund C. Olson, to create OK Farms (Olson Keolanui Farms) on the Wailuku river in Hilo during a time when agriculture no longer held much promise for Hawaiʻi’s families. The land, which was partially planted in macadamia nuts, had been in agriculture for over 100 years.. Keolanui transformed the property into a 1,000-acre thriving diversified farm, eco-destination, and community site. The farm is now a plentiful oasis doubling as a viable business, which through strong management, tight teamwork, and propert stewardship invites the next generation to participate.

Keolanui has served on the Board of Directors for AYSO Soccer Hilo, Mayor Billy Kenoi’s Agricultural Advisory Commission, and as director for the Hamakua Soil and Water conservation district. He is currently the President of Pu‘ueo Farms Association, which governs 56 agricultural lots in the Hilo area. He serves on the TPL Hawaiʻi Board as a duo with his wife, Ala Keolanui.